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QSC K12's SOUND CHECK with JBL JRX125 Dual 15" 2-Way Speaker Cabinet + Crown XTI1000

Benefit Dance that raised $5000 dollars on Saturday July 11th.

Just purchased the QSC K12's and decided to do the David and Goliath test of speakers. The QSCK12's sound quality was complimented by many and the JBL's were constantly complained about being too loud. So its quality vs quantity. This was a fairly big hall with about 300 people that danced from 8 to 1am.


Keep in mind the JBL JRX125 has Dual 15's, where as the QSCK12's has a 500watt 12 inch cone and a 500 watt compression driver.

JBL JRX125 Dual 15" 2-Way Speaker Cabinet Features:

* Dual 15" woofers
* 2" high-frequency compression driver with 1" exit
* Progressive Transition Waveguide horn
* System functions as quasi 3-way
* 3/4" acoustically superior MDF cabinet
* Trapezoid cab design for excellent projection
* 500W continuous power capacity
* 1,000W peak power capacity
* Heavy-duty recessed handles
* Heavy steel grille
* 1/4" and Speakon connectors
* SonicGuard protection circuitry
* 18-1/4"W x 43-1/4"H x 17"D
* 94 lbs.

Active or Passive

Frequency Response
52 Hz - 18 kHz (-6 dB)

Power Capacity
1000W Class D
(500W LF, 500W HF)

Maximum Sound Pressure Level (SPL)
131 dB peak (1 meter)

Nominal Sensitivity
75° Conical (-6 dB)

XLR \u0026 1/4" : 40k Balanced / 20k Unbalanced
XLR \u0026 1/4" : Mic Mode: 2260 Balanced
RCA : 10k

Low Frequency Driver
12" Cone Transducer

High Frequency Driver
1.75" Diaphragm Compression Driver

Enclosure Material
Impact Resistant ABS

Input Connections
Balanced Female XLR \u0026 1/4" Combo, Line/Mic Level Input
Balanced Female XLR \u0026 1/4" Line Level Input
Stereo RCA Line Level Input
Dual Balanced Male XLR Full Range Line Level Output
Balanced Male XLR "Mix" Output

23.7 x 14 x 14" (603 x 356 x 356 mm)

41 lbs (18.6 kg)
Errol Cain : Hey Michael greetings from Jamaica, hope you all are doing well, was watching your demo,question do you have any of the JBL 3 way powered boxes for sale and the price,waiting for your response.
Robert Cowles : If you would replace the crappy HF drivers on the JBL with $50 Selenium's it makes a 100% improvement and would compare to the clarity of the QSC's but would also give you the big bass thump of dual 15's the QSC lack.
applehead252 : Jbl are $500 each , qsc is $800 each . Just saying. Both sound good to me but for sound and price point jbl !
Randy Om : Size of venue? Indoors?
SoundFreak88 : Guys im watching this in 2018 the new qsc k12.2 are truly 2000 watts and they sound nice and clear for 800$ fuck yea now guys the jrx series has not really grown its cheap shit 450$ its loud but does not sound as good just my opinion. and btw everyone is going active not passive its just more easy to setup with active stuff
IN THE POCKET : Are you sure those JBL drivers are functioning?
Дмитрий Бра : I worked with a live band on the JRX225 - it's a budget series of speakers and it's pointless to demand something from them! They do not provide all the staff in line, or the voice has to clean up or tools, but then the bass guitar, or the electric guitar, will flow - all together as it should not sound.
But the disco sounds very loud.

Pepmusic2013 : I prefer JBL with a solid power amp and better equalization
Nikola Rajčević : that xti 1k is weak for that jbl;s I got 4 but 115's just changed tweater for better and stronger sound and little changed crossover added some things :D and own a xti 2k amp and not clipping :D they are 90% mach :D
Alexis Cueto : the sound never is same if you have one speaker in the pole and another in the ground, 12 inch produced less distortion but better clear sound, 15 inch more bass but more distortion, another thing the distance between speakers and high is very important if you not set you audio correct never going to sound perfect, i working with audio for about 20 years... thanks


hi these are my brand new speakers. jbl jrx125. if u want specs type it in on google. amp is the behringer ep4000. these give out plenty off bass. realy loud. high notes are pretty good to. no distortion just cams cant pic up bass even though it 12.1mp on my fone. hope u enjoy. please rate and coment.
Jonathan Keenan : Why use a crappy 2008 sony hifi amp as your preamp into the the behringer amp? Why not use a proper mixer instead of the headphone jack on a house stereo

JBL JRX125 speakers + QSC RMX 1450 amplifier audio test

JBL JRX125 speakers + QSC RMX 1450 stereo amplifier sound/audio test. PA stereo 2-way speakers JBL JRX125 with Dual 15" Sub-bass drivers + Power stereo amplifier QSC RMX 1450. Bass from this systems can get amazing loud, 4x fifteen-inch subwoofers drivers put very loud, insane bass SPL dB level. Midrange and high frequency this audio setup give not so good. I recomend this speakers more for electronic and club music - video have SOUND CHECK. Also this setup have Roland GW-8 Synthesizer- Workstation. All have mixed with Soundcraft Spirit E8 analogue Mixer. If you are looking for PA amplifier, that the RMX-2450 are best choice, RMX-850, RMX-1450 and RMX-1850HD are too weak, but RMX-4050 and RMX-5050 are too powerfull and too heavy.

PA JBL JRX125 speaker Specifications:

System Type: Dual 15" 2-way + 1" compression driver
Frequency Response (3 dB): 45 Hz - 12 kHz
Sensitivity (1w/1m): 100 dB SPL
Nominal Impedance: 4ohms
Power Capacity: 500 watts
Maximum SPL: 133 dB
Crossover Frequency: 2 kHz
Dimensions (H x W x D): 1092 mm x 464 mm x 426 mm
Weight: 42.6 kg

QSC RMX 1450 amplifier Specifications:

Power stereo mode: 400W RMS at 4ohm (20 Hz - 20 kHz / 0.1% THD)
Bridge Mono Mode: 800W RMS at 8ohms
Signal to Noise (20 Hz - 20 kHz) 8ohm: -100 dB
Distortion: 0,01%
Input Sensitivity at 8Ohm: 1.15V
Output Circuitry: AB
Damping Factor (1 kHz and below) 300 at 8ohm
Weight: 18,2kg
Techscrew : NEWER JBL JRX225 on Amazon:
- Amazon COM: https://amzn.to/2Tmkmp1
- Amazon UK: https://amzn.to/2TAslyX
- Amazon DE: https://amzn.to/3cceKGx
snoop furlow : He need A bigger power amplifier.they are dual voice coils pa speakers 500 rms each coil.try a 1100 rms x2 power amplifier class h.., set the gain.i betcha they will roar
Александр Наговицин : музыка вафлерская!
Wolves TV : You don’t need to put a gain that high
DJ Teknovibe : The JRX series are some of the worst speakers JBL has ever made i've been into pa since 1993 and worked with many, many manufacturers. JBL's MRX, SRX, SR, Soundpower and Mpro series were all excellent but JRX are garbage and they sound garbage with their awful muddy midrange sound. A pair of MRX525 sound better and they were only the next level up from the JRX series. Some people may say dual 15" speaker cabs are always muddy sounding in the midrange but that's not true JBL SRX725 although expensive are dual 15" and they're some of the best sounding dual 15" 2-way cabs you can buy for their excellent clarity throughout the frequency range.
SoundFreak88 : i ussally use crown amplifires on jbl speakers
Spixon Media : Are these loud?
Tim 2000 : What's the name of the first played song?
w4csc : I found this kinda late, but I'd like to make a couple of suggestions to the obvious....
1 - Turning the power amp wide open then running the mixer almost at zero maxes out the hum/hiss from the mixer's amps.  Why listen to all that crap?  Stop playing anything through the system and listen to the background noise the way you have it now.  Turn the power amp gain to 0. Set all the mixers channel controls (gain/slider) to 0.  Set the mixer's master volume to about 70%, giving you "headroom" to raise or lower it quickly if some input is crazy.  If lots of people operate the system, mark the 70% level so they'll know where "normal" should be.  With the power amp STILL set on 0 (no output), play something through EACH mixer input, what that channel normally plays.  Move the slider to full open.  Increase the "gain" or "volume" control until you see VU 0, or close to there on PEAKS of audio, not average!  If peaks go higher (into the red so to speak), it should be just occasionally.  The meter should NEVER peg, turn it down!  Shut the input to this channel and move onto the next, doing the same thing for each channel you're USING, leave unused channels always at 0.  Now, each channel is at VU 0, the optimum place between distortion (overdrive) and way low (more noise, less signal).  Put your favorite song on its channel you've ALREADY adjusted for VU 0.  NOW!  Turn each gain control on the massive power amp to what you consider "normal" for this venue (or just below the level that causes the neighbors to call the cops or at the level your Dad threatens to throw you out in the street).  NOW, when you're not using an input, move the SLIDER to 0 to eliminate that channel's noise/hum from being amplified.  That's all the slider was designed for!...turning channels on and off and FADING in and out.  How cool!  Playing on the keyboard and singing?  Only two input sliders are up.  If any mics feedback, turn the mic channel's GAIN pot back until it doesn't with the SLIDER ALL THE WAY UP, so it never squeals. 

Stop all input, now that we have the system adjusted.  Hear less noise and hum than you got in this video?....(c;]
When you change venues to bigger or smaller, the ONLY controls you need to adjust to match the venue are the gain controls on the power amplifier!  All the mixer controls are already set for your inputs.  Change input....recalibrate ONLY that channel's gain for the new input with the SLIDER FULL UP.  You can be setup in seconds after you plug in the jacks....dead on.  Have fun.  My RMX 1450 drives two 18" boxes with huge tweeters, two JBL Bass horn 15" boxes with huge tweeters and can blow the windows out of any ballroom, gym at the high school, etc.  Outdoors, the system operates out of an old AF stepvan with quiet Honda 3KW genset.  It fills the biggest car lot with music.....
Arkorigin : which is the First song?




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